Reusable Healthcare Worker Masks - size M (limit 2)
  • Reusable Healthcare Worker Masks - size M (limit 2)

    IF YOU ARE A HEALTHCARE WORKER - USE PROMO CODE "HEALTHERO" at checkout for a FREE MASK!  Thank you for your service!  Please limit 2 per customer per week. WE WILL RESTOCK ON A WEEKLY BASIS (as many as we can humanly make) WITH NEW DESIGNS AND INVENTORY, SO CHECK BACK NEXT WEEK IF WE ARE OUT OF STOCK!


    Sizing corresponds to the N95 mask sizes (S = children and small women and men, M = average adult size, L = large man or woman).  The elastic is adjustable as well so most sizes work for most people.


    Please do not abuse the free mask code, and if I don't know you, please email me proof that you are a healthcare worker to before shipping.


    We have done a lot of research into making the safest fabric masks out there possible, and adding lots of requests from friends in the industry and on the front lines. I would like to be as transparent as possible with the information about the construction of these.  Disclaimer: These are handmade masks and you should be aware of the risks of using those.  Our techniques and the science behind our material choices are explained in the first 7 minutes of this video here. We also teach you how to make a mask like this so that you can help your own communities!



    Features as requested for the healthcare worker fabric masks are:
    ✔ 100% pre-shrunk cotton- knit and woven
    ✔ Wire at nose
    ✔ Filter pocket (I'll send you a coffee one too, can add hepa if you have it)
    ✔ Comfortable adjustable tie straps
    ✔ Fits over n95
    ✔ No pins used and only a ball point needle for safety (does not create holes)
    ✔ Fun prints

    ✔ Different prints on back so that front and back are discernible


    If you would like to contribute to the materials or labor fund for the construction of more of these, please donate at

    All donations will be going to purchase more fabric, and to allow my staff to stay employed during this time by sewing masks.


    My patterns are uploaded for you to use here on one of my junk servers (they correspond to the N95 sizes and have filter pockets for each size):

    Size S:

    Size M:

    Size L:

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